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Казино с оценкой 3 предоставляют услуги среднего качества или проходят испытательный период.
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Vasja Vasin Новичок

Nothing to like here!another casino as 1000 in the network!today i dame 5 deposits 20 euro Each 4 of them i didnt winn even 1 euro + up to my deposit,free sping you get get only when you have 1-2 euro left,and spins you cannot won nothing also,from the last deposit i won 20 euro more then my deposit,but after that nothing and nothing til i loose everything!!i am playing same slot always so i perrfectly know how it plays.if you depisted 20 euro of course you cannot win too much,but sometims i have wo 600 or 800 euro from 20 deposit,but still from 20 euro hou can play long long time,can have freee spins can win somthing can loose,this game make fun to you,but this casino,you only deposit and deposit and deposit!i dont kno how much monecy you need to deposit to get any loyality bonuss,but normally the casino what i used to play they give you at least free sping or even cash bonuuss,there is i big wager,but its not a big problem i was won money from the loyality bonuss,i make wager and easy withdraded 100 euro,couple of tmes!+ thiss casino give you a free spins if woted on that website,so i am thinkig nothing is good with their reputatation!

17.05.2021 в 07:47
Во избежание проблем, мы рекомендуем играть в Казино с оценкой 4 и 5!
«РK» рекомендует играть только в проверенных казино.
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