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Hello, I have a problem with Fortunejack Casino. I won about $ 700, and within 15 minutes my account was blocked, and I didn’t receive payment, only congratulations came. The support service did not respond for several hours, and then they told me that my ip was previously involved in fraud, and then there were several registration records, but I’m here and if so then don’t let me play, this is the same as I will go to the casino and ask if it is possible to play? maybe then I will invest the money, I will win, and they will say excuse me, but there is no money, because you cannot play. If my IP address was noticed earlier as written in the letter, we will underline this word earlier, i.e. they saw it, and gave replenishment EARLIER, and allowed to play BEFORE, but as soon as they won this money they refused to pay. Oddly enough, is it true, that is, they broke the rules and fraudulently took over my funds over the years. But if you see that someone previously committed fraudulent actions from my IP address, then let me know, and they used my trust, enticing me, and if I had not asked for a payment, then they probably would have continued to let me play using this scheme. I had similar problems with the freebitcoin website when you collect and they write to you that someone has already played from your IP address, this is called a dynamic IP and I cannot influence this. For five years of active use, I have never withdrawn funds, but only replenished and played, and now the hour has come when I decided to request a payment at least once. This is the first time I come across this and declare that I have one account, if I knew about the fraud, I would definitely report and take everything that depends on me. Whoever does not ask everyone has the same problem with this casino, you just make a conclusion, and immediately there is a reason not to pay, but what happened is a gross violation, knowing about the problem they give to play, then congratulate, and then they will not pay. After blocking my account, I contacted the support service, but they threatened me with sanctions against me and insulted me, calling me a fraud, I answered them the same, since they refused to listen to any explanations and said that this decision was final and no one would understand , as it is not human. This is my first bitter experience. Sorry if something is not clear. I am using a translator. Please help me return the money.If you need information, write, the fact is that I applied to the regulatory body, but even there they deceived me and gave false information, as you can see in the screenshot that I won one aс

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